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Modular scaffolding on request

Marte Series scaffolding

The Marte series is the most versatile in our selection of scaffolding. It is available in a multitude of sizes and structures, capable of satisfying most needs.

  • Mars Special

    It consists of a few easy-to-transport components that can be used in standard or special configurations with overhangs, extensions, enlargements for all types of needs .

  • Mars Safe

    Quick-assembly professional aluminum scaffolding with constant operator protection via an easily mountable protective railing directly from the floor below.

  • Mars Comfort

    Made of very high resistance light aluminum alloy, it is completed by "comfortable" 45 degree internal ladders equipped with handrails which greatly facilitate the operator's ascent and descent.

  • Mars Balcony

    Aluminum tubular structure with very high mechanical resistance specially created for the maintenance of balconies.

  • Mars Ascendant

    This is an ultra-compact variant of the Marte scaffold which allows the operator to assemble and disassemble the scaffold inside the lift shafts .

  • Mars Cinema

    Professional quick-assembly aluminum scaffolding, designed for use in cinemas, auditoriums and theatres .

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