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How to Choose a Scaffold?

In order to correctly choose a scaffold it is necessary to take into consideration 3 fundamental points starting from:

N°1: The type and frequency of use

  • Professional/Intensive

    This category contains the top Gamma Cosmos scaffolding and is aimed at the most demanding customers, in fact it offers:

    • Reinforced structures capable of withstanding intensive use and bad weather,
    • Modularity to increase/reduce its height and for the simple replacement of any damaged components.
    • Accessories dedicated to professional use
    • Working heights up to 13 metres
  • Hobby/Frequent

    The Hobby Scaffolds are aimed at customers who use the product consistently and are looking for a superior quality semi-professional product that offers:

    • High quality construction structures and materials
    • Possibility of repairing any components using replacement parts available on request.
    • Dedicated accessories
    • Working heights up to 7 meters
  • Domestic/Occasional

    The domestic/occasional category is aimed at customers who make sporadic use of the Scaffold in the home but who are still attentive to the level of safety offered by the products they use. these scaffoldings offer:

    • Stable and quick to assemble structures.
    • Practical and simple to use for domestic applications
    • Foldable and small-sized models available
    • Working heights up to 3 meters

N°2: The material of the structure

  • In Steel

    Steel scaffolding is particularly appreciated in applications particularly subject to impacts such as masonry work. The main advantages of the Steel Scaffolding are:

    • High resistance to impacts and blows
    • Greater feeling of stability also due to the greater weight of the components
    • Resistance to atmospheric agents through ecological galvanization
    • Price generally lower than aluminum
  • In Aluminium

    Aluminum scaffolds, on the other hand, are particularly appreciated where there is a need to dismantle or move the scaffold very frequently, such as for maintenance work.

    • Very low component weight
    • Easier handling of the components
    • Natural resistance to atmospheric agents
    • Quicker to assemble thanks to larger individual components

N°3: The Regulations

  • Legislative Decree 81/08

    Legislative Decree 81/08 regulates the construction and use of scaffolding in Italy and certifies its suitability for use. All our scaffolding are built in full compliance with these regulations, ensuring safety for our customers. However, Legislative Decree 81/08 also imposes some important limitations, especially on the choice of the highest scaffolding:

    • Mandatory wall anchoring beyond 4 meters on the floor
    • Obligation to use anti-fall systems for the assembly of the scaffold
    • Obligation to use anti-fall systems when moving from one floor to another

  • UNI EN1004-2

    The scaffolding according to the European regulations UNI EN1004-2 in addition to complying with all the regulations of Legislative Decree 81/08 are designed following further European technical regulations which allow them to be assembled and used with the following advantages:

    • Wall anchoring not mandatory up to 9 meters on the floor
    • Use of anti-fall systems for the assembly of the scaffold NOT NECESSARY
    • Use of anti-fall systems for moving from one floor to another NOT NECESSARY

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